[stgt] PATCHSET 00/15] tgt BSD build support

Boaz Harrosh bharrosh at panasas.com
Sun Mar 1 17:41:03 CET 2009

New patchset, incorporating everybody's comments. Thanks for all that helped.

Attached a "git-diff -M --stat -p" from the RFC. It's got lots of stuff
by the idea is clear, (I think)

Here is the list of patches:

[PATCH 01/15] tgt: Don't interfere with internal OSD affairs             
[PATCH 02/15] tgt: usr/Makefile: Remove none existent include directories
[PATCH 03/15] tgt: Fix eprintf warnings

  Three somewhat independent patches, before we start.
  (3rd patch here is new)

[PATCH 04/15] tgt: Move away from global name space (FreeBSD)
[PATCH 05/15] tgt: util.h BSD builds support
[PATCH 06/15] tgt: BSD builds support - headers includes

  Changes that are needed in BSD but do nothing in Linux

[PATCH 07/15] tgt: os.h: sync_file_range is OS dependent
[PATCH 08/15] tgt: os.h: Services unavailable in BSD
[PATCH 09/15] tgt: os.h - bind() is picky about names
[PATCH 10/15] tgt: os.h: getnameinfo() is different on none-Linux systems

  Introduce a usr/os.h header that has portable API definitions. The
  implementations of this API is in usr/linux/os.c && usr/bsd/os.c.

[PATCH 11/15] tgt: BSD builds support of sys/epoll.h via BSD's kevent
[PATCH 12/15] tgt: usr/bsd headers, emulates some Linuxism in BSD
[PATCH 13/15] tgt: BSD builds, some setsockopt are not supported
[PATCH 14/15] tgt: os.h: semtimedop for BSD

  Some BSD only tricks, and Linux emulation on BSD.

[PATCH 15/15] tgt: usr/Makefile BSD build Support

  Finally bring everything together to enable BSD build

I do not think any of the patches should break anything in run time.
They do compile with all make options turned on. On BSD I was only able
to test with osd target and iscsi transport. Other backstores might work
as well.

These patches as well as osdemu, can be accessed at:
  git://git.open-osd.org/osc-osd/tgt - osd branch
  or viewed

Thanks in advance

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