[stgt] [PATCHSET 11/11] BSD build support (Rebased on 9c6d1aeb)

Boaz Harrosh bharrosh at panasas.com
Thu Mar 12 11:50:20 CET 2009

I have rebased the BSD patches on top of current HEAD (9c6d1aeb)

It is mostly BSD only code now here is the list of patches:

[PATCH 01/11] check return of getnameinfo and getsockname
    Left over from this problem

[PATCH 02/11] Move away from global name space (FreeBSD)
[PATCH 03/11] util.h BSD builds support
[PATCH 04/11] BSD builds support - #includes reorder
    Some minor rearrangement of existing code so to
    build on BSD, all this code has no affect on Linux.
[PATCH 05/11] os.h: sync_file_range is OS dependent
[PATCH 06/11] os.h: Services unavailable in BSD
[PATCH 07/11] os.h: semtimedop not available on BSD
    Introduce a new header os.h which contains OS dependent code.
    Then Linux implementation is in linux/os.c and BSD's in bsd/os.c

[PATCH 08/11] usr/bsd: support of sys/epoll.h via BSD's kevent
[PATCH 09/11] usr/bsd: emulates some Linuxism in BSD
[PATCH 10/11] usr/bsd: some setsockopt are not supported
    These are a set of BSD only headers and files that override /
    Implement Linux API and types missing from BSD.
    They sit in usr/bsd/... and emulate the /usr/include directory
    structure. These are included first in Makefile so to override
    some of the system headers.

[PATCH 11/11] usr/Makefile BSD build Support
    Finally make it all work on BSD.

Linux code is never broken through out the patchset.
BSD will only build at the last patch

Free Life

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