[stgt] targets.conf problem, setting up tape drives

Albert Pauw albert.pauw at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 16:22:47 CET 2009

On 10/26/2009 03:57 PM, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Albert Pauw wrote:
>> Attached my vtl script, this works when using an empty targets.conf 
>> file,
>> and setting up the target afterwards using this script.
> So, does tgt-admin I sent you generate a proper config or not?
No, it looks like it is ok, login into this target created this way 
looks ok,
but trying to use the changer device gives problems:

[root at orange tgt]# mtx -f /dev/changer status
mtx: Request Sense: Long Report=yes
mtx: Request Sense: Valid Residual=no
mtx: Request Sense: Error Code=0 (Unknown?!)
mtx: Request Sense: Sense Key=No Sense
mtx: Request Sense: FileMark=no
mtx: Request Sense: EOM=no
mtx: Request Sense: ILI=no
mtx: Request Sense: Additional Sense Code = 00
mtx: Request Sense: Additional Sense Qualifier = 00
mtx: Request Sense: BPV=no
mtx: Request Sense: Error in CDB=no
mtx: Request Sense: SKSV=no

Looking at it using wireshark I can see that the Login Command is 
generated every 17-18 seconds,
even after the mtx command had failed.

So there seems to be something weirdly configured this way, compared to 
the "manually" created
device with a script.

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