[stgt] Fwd: Re: targets.conf problem, setting up tape drives

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Mon Oct 26 20:16:54 CET 2009

Albert Pauw wrote:
> I changed /root/tapes to /root/btapes, and indeed using tgt-admin -e -v 
> the tape drives are
> defined first now.


> [root at orange ~]# mtx -f /dev/changer status
> (after some 2 minutes of waiting)
> no Data Transfer Element reported
> and in dmesg, the following error was added
>  connection1:0: ping timeout of 5 secs expired, last rx 4294857161, last 
> ping 4294862161, now 4294867161
>  connection1:0: detected conn error (1011)
>  session1: session recovery timed out after 120 secs
> So, things are not good.

But it works if you start tgtadm commands manually?

If it's really so, you have to find what is the difference between the 
commands started by you manually and those started by tgt-admin.


- I'm able to fix tgt-admin to start commands in desired order,

- someone else is able to check if such command order should matter at all.

Tomasz Chmielewski
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