[stgt] Back end Question ??

roman pollak roman.pollak at oracle.com
Wed Dec 22 14:54:36 CET 2010


I am currently integrating my own project (vdisk - source forge ) as an
backend resp. storage interface in the tgt framework.  
A question came to my mind, well actually more the one.. :)
Would be not nice to have some sort of a plugin interface build-in tgt
framework for things like that (aka glib plugins) ?? 
When not, what would be the best way the have my tgt interface keeping
up with the tgt development ??

Maybe some of you may ask why building a backend to my own.. well I'd
like to try, with my vdisk project , if it possible using SSD and
classical disks without rebuilding the under laying filesystem. Where
the SSD holds most used data. kind virtualisation of the disks, as an
side effect, it is possible to have a virtual disk ex. 100TB big,
without having the real capacity underneath. This gets allocated as you
write more and more data. 

Kind regards
Roman Pollak

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