[stgt] newbie question about iSER

Or Gerlitz ogerlitz at Voltaire.com
Sun Dec 5 09:03:35 CET 2010

Andrew Spear wrote:
> This is the first time I have run into lmdd in the wild.  Is there any
> other software that produces i/o patterns like using ipat and opat
> with lmdd.  If there are, can they be run in addition to lmdd to verify results?

Look, lmdd is very simple to use and it steps on the problem right away, I don't see
any reason for you to set a complex (say) data-base or file-system scheme just to
make this happen... I see now that fio which you can get from git://git.kernel.dk/fio.git
also has few verification options, maybe you try that as well. lmdd is provided through
a package named lmbench, let me know if you need help getting/running it.

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