[stgt] LUN0 issues and Windows

Ray Van Dolson rvandolson at esri.com
Thu Feb 18 21:09:36 CET 2010

We're running an older version of stgt (the one included with RHEL5).
As reported by rpm, this is a snapshot version from 20080917 though I'm
not sure exactly what version this corresponds with.

Windows initiators using MS's iSCSI Initiator v2.08 seem to get
confused by the controller (LUN0) device.  Even though we "ignore" its
addition to the system and don't add a driver for it, the actual disk
LUN is never added to disk manager.

We've also tested with a newer version of scsi-target-utils included
with Fedora 12 (v0.9.5).  While the controller issue still presents
itself in Windows, LUN1 (our disk) _does_ show up and can be used.

So a few questions:

- Is there a way to present LUN0 using the older version of stgt in
  such a way that Windows doesn't choke on it?

- Were there code changes made to change how LUN0 is presented or how
  it functions in later versions of stgt that might explain why v0.9.5
  seems to work OK with Windows?  If so, can anyone point me to the

- Any other tips on using stgt with MS's software initiator?

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