[stgt] [ANNOUNCE] tgt: osd-target and FreeBSD/MacOSX based on v1.0.2

Boaz Harrosh bharrosh at panasas.com
Tue Mar 16 16:21:32 CET 2010

*John* If you checkout the *master* branch on the main git://git.open-osd.org/osc-osd/
tree and do that "git submodule update" magic you should receive the latest and
greatest with all your patches, and mine. Could you please test and confirm that
I have not messed up anything.

I have rebased the latest tgt-based osd-target ontop
of my FreeBSD/MacOSX patches ontop of Tomo's latest

So if someone needs the latest osd-target and/or
FreeBSD/MacOSX support, a public git tree is available
with these patches.

For the complete osd-target tree:
	git clone git://git.open-osd.org/osc-osd/

Only the tgt portion of this project:
	git clone git://git.open-osd.org/osc-osd/tgt
(tgt is maintained as a sub-project within the osd-target git)

Both these trees can be viewed on the web:

This is the list of patches: (On top of tgt's latest)

58d94e9 Move away from global name space (FreeBSD)
97e3e0d util.h BSD builds support
2ccf506 BSD builds support - #includes reorder
de4362b os.h: sync_file_range is OS dependent
0bda485 os.h: Services unavailable in BSD
06654dc os.h: semtimedop not available on BSD
6cac834 os.h: os_nr_open(), OS-specific part of nr_file_adjust()
8aedc22 usr/bsd: support of sys/epoll.h via BSD's kevent
e636d00 usr/bsd: emulates some Linuxism in BSD
5356df4 usr/bsd: some setsockopt are not supported
5689392 usr/Makefile BSD build Support
	Up to here is the original BSD port as posted before
	but with additional headers and changes that incorporate
	support for new code that was added since the last port.

afc99f0 usr/bsd: MacOSX assorted fixes to BSD files
1b46f24 usr/bsd: MacOSX os_nr_open() implementation
2718f13 usr/Makefile: support for MacOSX/Darwin

	These are new added patches that build on the BSD port and
	add a MacOSX support. They are by John Chandy at uconn.edu,
	thanks John.

  Up until here are the patches that I hope one day will be incorporated
  into tgt's mainline. If and when people will want FreeBSD/MacOSX targets.

cc4fe11 Remove dummy RAID controller from LUN 0

	This is a patch by Arne Redlich, which makes, atleast, an osd-target
	look much sexier. I'm committed to carry this patch as long as needed.

5a44313 osdemu: osd emulation backingstore
83827ae osdemu: (OPTIONAL) allow non root to run
38ef49c osdemu: (OPTIONAL) logging changes
8477e8c osdemu: (OPTIONAL) iscsi increase dlength
61ce567 (OPTIONAL) Also dbg-print on connection

	These last are the osd-target support by Pete Wyckoff which depend
	on the external osd-target library hosted on that outer git tree.
	They are basically unchanged.

These patches were well tested both by me on FreeBSD 7.2 and by John on MacOSX
and at-least as an iscsi osd-target they are very^2 solid. (And compiling). Our tests
where based on an older tgt version (v1.0.0) but I don't see anything that should be

If anyone could review these patches and comment I would be most thankful.
Start here:

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