[stgt] tgtd memory usage

Or Gerlitz ogerlitz at mellanox.com
Wed Apr 6 08:57:44 CEST 2011

Neil Skrypuch wrote:
> To the original poster: more likely you ran out of file descriptors and the 
> error message is just deceptive. The default per process fd limit is 1024 (2 
> fds per thread = ~500). Try ulimit -n 20000, then restart tgtd in the same shell.

I wasn't sure to follow on the "2 fds per thread" part of your comment, 
specifically, it looks like in tgt the number of fds grows by one per 
non controller lun. So the over number of fds used is a constant number
opened either on init or when the first target/lun are defined, and then 
another one per lun. This could be easily seen/verified using "lsof -p 
PID" with PID being the tgtd process-id

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