[stgt] Failed to write tape greater than 2Gb

Gabriele gabriele.mailing at rvmgroup.it
Wed Dec 7 23:34:57 CET 2011


> _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE should be already defined due to _GNU_SOURCE.
> Can you try the following?
> diff --git a/usr/bs_ssc.c b/usr/bs_ssc.c
> index b80ece8..e4f1a71 100644
> diff --git a/usr/libssc.c b/usr/libssc.c
> index e13a9f6..a4a0687 100644
> diff --git a/usr/libssc.h b/usr/libssc.h
> index ace2037..e844346 100644

It works.
I have firstly tested vanilla 1.0.22 under amd64 and after I have 
applied the patches for i386
The image file was written beyond 2Gb in both cases.
Do you want that i test the patch under amd64 too ?

The strange thing is that in both architectures, the image file has been 
filled until 2.7Gb, after that, tar gave the error

tar: /dev/st0: Cannot write: No space left on device

And in syslog I have:

Dec  7 22:38:24 bunch tgtd: tape_rdwr_request(604) io error 0x9c20cb8 a 
32768 32768 0, Success

Strange: there are a plenty of Gb free on the partition holding the 
image files, and the image file was created with a dimension of 400Gb:

sudo tgtimg --op=new --device-type=tape --barcode="A00000001" 
--size=400000 --type=data --file=/media/tgt/vtl/A00000001

The image file seems to report the correct size:

sudo tgtimg --op show --device-type tape --file /media/tgt/vtl/A00000001 
| head
Media     : A00000001
  type     : Data
Media serial number : A00000001_1323292011, created Wed Dec  7 22:06:51 2011

Beginning of Tape(16): Capacity 400000 MB, Blk No.: 0, prev 0, curr 0, 
next 1152
  Uncompressed data(2): Blk No. 1, prev 0, curr 1152,  next 33968, sz 32768
          Filemark(64): Blk No. 2, prev 1152, curr 33968,  next 34016, sz 0
  Uncompressed data(2): Blk No. 3, prev 33968, curr 34016,  next 66832, 
sz 32768
  Uncompressed data(2): Blk No. 4, prev 34016, curr 66832,  next 99648, 
sz 32768
  Uncompressed data(2): Blk No. 5, prev 66832, curr 99648,  next 132464, 
sz 32768

What's wrong now ?

Thank you,
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