[stgt] Performance Issue

Gabriele gabriele.mailing at rvmgroup.it
Thu Dec 8 00:00:46 CET 2011


> You mean that your amd64 box is much worse than your i386 one?

Yes: 20Mb/s on the i486 (an old Pentium 4) and 2Mb/s on the amd64 ( an 
I5 ...)

> If your amd64 box has the same hardware (harddisk, hba, etc) as i386,
> then I have no idea.

No, different storage hardware. I can document that if it' useful.

> The harddisk led of the i386 box should be constantly on too.
It isn't ...
I have tried to set a different block size with mt on the client, but 
the speed dropped to few hundred bytes/s !

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