[stgt] Failed to write tape greater than 2Gb

FUJITA Tomonori fujita.tomonori at lab.ntt.co.jp
Sat Dec 10 03:06:00 CET 2011

On Thu, 08 Dec 2011 21:29:50 +0100
Gabriele <gabriele.mailing at rvmgroup.it> wrote:

> Hy,
> > Can you try the following patch with the previous patches?
> > diff --git a/usr/tgtimg.c b/usr/tgtimg.c
> > index 169207a..cbad44b 100644
> It works: recreated the image files, reloaded tapes, and tar of 14 Gb of 
> data was successfull, and successful was the verification of the tape.
> I Think it's solved on i386.
> On amd64, do I need to apply only this last patch or all the previous ?

The last one is enough for amd64, I think. I've applied all the
patches to the git tree anyway.

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