[stgt] [PATCH 0/6] iser new implementation

Pete Wyckoff pw at padd.com
Mon Jan 31 23:14:18 CET 2011

alexandern at Voltaire.COM wrote on Mon, 31 Jan 2011 20:42 +0200:
> On 01/27/2011 03:55 PM, Pete Wyckoff wrote:
> > Nice that you found and fixed lots of interesting issues.  These
> > details on RDMA are difficult, especially with the helpful IB
> > "features".  :)  It's great you've done all this work.
> Thanks! I'd be happy to get any further comments.
> Could you explain how i can test the bidirectional commands with iser.
> I only modeled their support after iscsi code, but how can i 
> get a setup for real testing? How did you do it back then?

We did all the original bidi testing on OSDs.  The OSD target
is now maintained by Boaz here:


It's not too difficult to set up.  OSDs need variable length
command blocks too.

The XDREADWRITE_10 command is also bidi.  This might be easier
to hack into the disk target if it is not already there.  See
the implementation in linux scsi_debug.c if it is helpful.

		-- Pete
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