[stgt] Worker Threads

Bennett, Jeffrey jab at sdsc.edu
Wed Jul 27 22:03:52 CEST 2011


We have noticed a performance improvement, specially with Random I/O when changing the definition NR_WORKER_THREADS from 4 to 128 in bs_thread.h

For example, with a regular TGTD 1.0.14 via iSER and against our array of SSD, we are able to obtain 32.000 4kb IOPS in 100% random read and 13.000 4kb IOPS in write. By changing the worker threads to 128, we can achieve 74.000 IOPS in read and 42.000 IOPS in write under the same test. This is actually more than 100% improvement.

Is there any "side effect" by doing this change? Is there any plan to make this a configuration option that can be changed with the tgt-adm command by the user?

Anybody else has been tinkering with this definition? Please share your experiences...


Jeffrey A. Bennett
HPC Systems Engineer
San Diego Supercomputer Center

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