[stgt] 1.0.16 released

FUJITA Tomonori fujita.tomonori at lab.ntt.co.jp
Sun May 1 12:45:17 CEST 2011


As usual, you can get the code via the git tree too.

Andy Grover (1):
      Allow GUIDs to be used as serial and IDs

Arne Redlich (2):
      Fix parameter of system_state_name()
      Check return value of dup() in call_program()

David Zeuthen (1):
      mmc: Properly handle READ TOC command

FUJITA Tomonori (2):
      use longer timeout for sg
      tgt 1.0.16

Mark Harvey (1):
      Handle Incorrect Length Indicator through sg backing store

Ronnie Sahlberg (6):
      sbc: return lba out of range sense properly
      zero transfer length should mean 256 blocks
      iscsi: add support for multiple portals
      Verify that we are not writing beyond the end of the lun
      Return correct sense for reads with invalid RDPROTECT field
      iscsi: add support to tgtd and tgtadm to show/add/remove iscsi portals at runtime

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