[stgt] Infinite Loop on 1.0.26?

Brad.Goodman at emc.com Brad.Goodman at emc.com
Sat Apr 7 16:02:00 CEST 2012

I have been doing some testing with the most recent 1.0.26 code.

I noticed a state yesterday, after running an iSER read tests from multiple initiators to multiple instances of tgtd.

My read tests completed normally, after which I happened to check CPU utilization on the target system. All of my tgtd instances (6 or 8 in total) were running 100% CPU utilization (most of which was in system time).

I made sure my tests were not running - and even went as far as to do an iSCSI/iSER logout on each of my initiators, but this had no impact on the target CPU numbers. I verified that my connection media (Infiniband) had no discernable traffic on it - so in short, it doesn't appear as though there as any actual activity to the target daemon.

None of the instances would respond to a (normal) shutdown request via tgtadm, and it would say that connection to the endpoint could not be established. No problems were indicated in /var/log/messages or otherwise.

In short - I'm suspecting that tgtd was stuck in some sort of infinite loop. Had I been less hasty, I would have connected via strace or gdb to get a closer look at what was going on.

I have never seen this type of behavior ever, on prior versions. Barring that investigation when/if this happens again - I just wanted to see if this was a "known" issue, or anyone had ever seen anything like this before. Is this new? Any ideas?


Brad Goodman
EMC Corporation

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