[stgt] Typo in Man Page

James Hammett james at hammett.be
Mon Aug 13 19:42:15 CEST 2012


I think this is a typo in the man page for tgt-admin:

        -c, --conf <conf file>
               Specify  an  alternative  configuration  file instead of 
               get.conf, which is the default.

# For the -c it lists the name of the file as target.conf  (with no 's' 
at the end)

Other places on the page it is listed with an S:

            -e, --execute
                   Read /etc/tgt/targets.conf and execute tgtadm commands.

                   Configuration file for tgt-admin.

Its a minor thing, but I was trying to TS a problem with my initiator 
not starting and (I think) the problem was that I had created the file 
without the 's'.


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