[stgt] [PATCH 0/5 RESEND] mgmt and concat_buf

Alexander Nezhinsky alexandern at mellanox.com
Wed Feb 1 14:37:06 CET 2012

This patch series introduces concat_buf mechanism (based on open_memstream)
to dynamically produce response buffers for management tasks in tgtd and
request buffers for management tasks in tgtadm.

This eliminates the need in special macros like shprintf() and spares
explicit checkguards against buffer overflow.

Splitting management task buffers into request and response makes the code
more readable and less error-prone.

Another step to increase reliability is making the usage of "enum tgtadm_errno"
explicit throughout the code and avoiding mixup with other error types.
This potentially uncovers many small glitches in the error-handling flow 
(some already present in the patch, some are to be added yet).

After multiple fixes in the previous patch series and a rebase upon master,
that was necessary after the recent patch merges, it was difficult to maintain
the incremental nature of patches presented previously.
Thus all 5 patches must be applied in order to get a working and consistent code.

There is a logical structure, though: the patches start with the necessary
changes in .h files, then the management-related files follow, then
all other files with lots of small changes, related either to concat_buf or
tgtadm_err return type.

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