[stgt] 1.0.24 released

FUJITA Tomonori fujita.tomonori at lab.ntt.co.jp
Wed Feb 1 16:20:55 CET 2012

As usual, you can get the code and tar balls at github:



Andy Grover (5):
      spc: Fix a few spots to use PCODE_OFFSET
      add support for block limits VPD (0xb0) to tgtd
      support new fields in READ CAPACITY (16)
      tgt-admin: Base blocksize & params on backing store if direct-store
      Document new config options for pass-through direct-store properties

FUJITA Tomonori (1):
      tgt 1.0.24

Ronnie Sahlberg (15):
      MMC: Allow creating MMC LUNS that do not have a backingstore.
      ssc: fsync on the final WRITE-FILEMARK
      add PRE-FETCH10/16 support
      sbc: add minimal support for FORMAT-UNIT
      spc: add minimal support for SEND-DIAGNOSTICS
      ssc: honour the readonly attribute
      ssc: Add offline/medium-not-present support
      sbc: implement VERIFY 10/12/16 and check the arguments
      sbc: Support removable devices
      README: SMC and SSC are no longer "in progress" they are fully functional now
      Allow creating SBC devices without any media loaded
      smc: Add an update argument "clear_slot" to force a storage element slot to become empty
      add an example on how to create a SBC Jukebox
      SBC Jukebox: Allow the snapshots to be read-only or read-write
      Implement PreventAllowMeduimRemoval and StartStopUnit

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