[stgt] [PATCH 0/6] mgmt and concat_buf

Alexander Nezhinsky alexandern at mellanox.com
Wed Jan 11 14:41:55 CET 2012

This patch series introduces concat_buf mechanism (based on open_memstream)
to dynamically produce response buffers for management tasks in tgtd and
request buffers for management tasks in tgtadm.

This eliminates the need in special macros like shprintf() and spares 
explicit checkguards against buffer overflow.

Splitting management task buffers into request and response makes the code
more readable and less error-prone.

Code is compilable and runnable after applying [PATCH 1/6],
then after applying [PATCH 2-5/6] at once, and then after [PATCH 6/6].

Actually the concat_buf related changes "per se" are contained in 
[PATCH 1-5/6] and [PATCH 6/6] may be viewed as separate and/or optional.
In my opinion, though, its purpose (making the usage of "enum tgtadm_errno"
explicit throughout the code and avoiding mixup with other error types)
is very important, as it potentially uncovers many small glitches in the
error-handling flow (some already present in the patch, some are to be
added yet).
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