[stgt] [PATCH 0/0] Allow creating a SBC jukebox

Ronnie Sahlberg ronniesahlberg at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 04:28:41 CET 2012

Tomo, List

Please find three patches attached.

1, This allows creating a SBC device without any backing store. I.e. no media loaded yet.
It automatially forces such devices to be removable==1  and online==0 (no media loaded)

2, Add a new option to SMC so that you can force a storage elemet slot to become Empty.

3, Now, This is the funky stuff this has all been leading up to:
Add documentation/script to create a SBC jukebox.
This jukebox (when used ontop of BTRFS) can take snapshots of a different file
(a file used to be exported as a normal SBC LUN thought a different target)
that file can be snapshotted regularely via a cronjob.
All x most recent snbapshots are then exported via a dedicated snapshot-target when an
initiator can attach, pich which nsnapshot it wants to use (using MTX) and then access
the content of the snapshot.

You export a SBC LUN to an initiator.
Then you use this snapshot script to create regular snapshots of that SBC device.
These snapshots are then exported with a mediachanger through a different target to different initiators.
Those other initiators can now access these point in time snapshots of the production LUN.

ronnie sahlberg

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