[stgt] [PATCH] LUN RESET clears all PREVENTALLOWs for that LUN

Ronnie Sahlberg ronniesahlberg at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 04:36:06 CEST 2012

List, Tomo,

Please find a patch that clears all PREVENTALLOWs that are registered for a LUN
when a RESET LUN is recived.
We should also do this for warm/cold target reset but those fyunctions are not implemented in tgtd yet.

This behaviour is described in SBC :
prevention of medium removal for the logical unit shall terminate after:
a) one of the following occurs for each I_T nexus through which medium removal had been prevented:
A) receipt of a PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL command with the PREVENT field set to 00b;
B) an I_T nexus loss;
b) a power on;
c) a hard reset; or
d) a logical unit reset.

I have a test that validates that LUN RESET will clear the PREVENTALLOWs and TGTD passes this test with the patch :

iscsi-test --dataloss --test="*0385*" iscsi://
Try to set PREVENTALLOW ... [OK]
Try to eject the media ... Eject failed. [OK]
Send a LUN Reset to the target ... [OK]
Try to eject the media ... [OK]
Load the media again in case it was ejected ... [OK]
Clear the PREVENTALLOW again ... [OK]
TEST T0385_preventallow_lun_reset [OK]

ronnie sahlberg

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