[stgt] 1.0.28 released

FUJITA Tomonori fujita.tomonori at lab.ntt.co.jp
Sun Jun 3 01:15:25 CEST 2012

As usual, you can get the code and tar balls at github:


Alexander Nezhinsky (15):
      Fix get_bsg_major
      return Reject in iscsi login text failure
      iscsi: show iscsi initiator alias
      sbc: fix compiler warning in synchronize cache
      improve str_to_int macro
      iser: Fix "set but not used" compile warning
      return TGTADM_SUCCESS if adding Unit Attention sense fails upon target destroy
      bs_aio: use 64bit to read eventfd counter
      move set_mtask_result() call to mtask_received()
      change return value of isns_show() and isns_update() to tgtadm_err
      change return value of some show functions in iscsi/target.c to tgtadm_err
      change return value of dtd_check_removable() to tgtadm_err, update use cases
      change return value of system_set_state() to tgtadm_err, update use cases
      change return value of slot_insert() to tgtadm_err and recover from errors properly in add_slt()
      change return value of iqn_acl_add() and iqn_acl_del() to tgtadm_err

FUJITA Tomonori (1):
      tgt 1.0.28

Roi Dayan (3):
      iser: added huge pages support
      iser: added parameter for pool size
      iser: limit number of CQ entries requested

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