[stgt] Since 1.0.35 has problem.

YOUN-SANG KIM mistkr at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 09:40:44 CEST 2013

I have used CentOS 6.4 for iSCSI target with raw disk iamge create by
dd if=/dev/zero of=disk_image bs=1G count=800

and installed 'Windows 7' to this iscsi target with version
scsi-target-utils 1.0.22 bundled CentOS 6.4
 It is working fine.

Recently I have updated scsi-target-utils-1.0.36 from git source tree.
then boot with iPXE.

iPXE output error message

"Inconsistent data read from 0x80+63"
and boot failed with same configuration and the same disk image.

I tried all version of iSCSI-target-utils and I found
that until scsi-target-utils-1.0.34 is working fine.

What happen ?

I have read changelogs 1.0.35 but I don't know what I will try.
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