[stgt] [Q] How to write configuration file about Digest(CRC32C)

Hiroyuki Sato hiroysato at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 05:18:24 CEST 2013

Dear members.

I would like to write the following configuration permanently in
configuration file.

   tgtadm --op update --mode target --tid 3 -n DataDigest -v CRC32C

Could you please tell me how to set it.?

tgt-admin -dump does not output any configuration about CRC32C.

minimum configuration is the following

default-driver iscsi

<target iqn.2012-07.net.example.iscsi:target01>
backing-store /dev/VG01/iSCSITest

I'm using iSCSI initiator on OSX Mountation Lion.
The product is globalSAN iSCSI initiator.


This software always warn about Digest if target side setting is None.

  Scientific Linux  6


Hiroyuki Sato
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