[stgt] [PATCH] Fix buffer overrun issue of lld name

Ryusuke Konishi konishi.ryusuke at lab.ntt.co.jp
Tue Dec 10 10:25:34 CET 2013

The string buffer of lld name in tgtadm_req struct (req->lld) will not
be null-terminated if user specifies very long lld name for the
argument of -L or --lld option.

This is because the lld name is copied with strncpy function and its
size argument is the same as buffer size.  In such a case, strncpy()
can truncate the string without appending a terminating null byte.

As a result, accesses to the lld name in mtask_execute function, for
instance, strlen(req->lld) or eprintf("...%s\n", req->lld), can

This patch fixes the issue by setting a terminating null byte at the
end of the lld name buffer before mtask_execute() uses it.

Signed-off-by: Ryusuke Konishi <konishi.ryusuke at lab.ntt.co.jp>
 usr/mgmt.c |    2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/usr/mgmt.c b/usr/mgmt.c
index e795555..1eae0c9 100644
--- a/usr/mgmt.c
+++ b/usr/mgmt.c
@@ -479,6 +479,8 @@ static tgtadm_err mtask_execute(struct mgmt_task *mtask)
 	int lld_no;
 	tgtadm_err adm_err = TGTADM_INVALID_REQUEST;
+	req->lld[TGT_LLD_NAME_LEN - 1] = '\0';
 	if (!strlen(req->lld))
 		lld_no = 0;
 	else {

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