[stgt] tgt reset on simple simulator

osishkin osishkin osishkin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 12:06:33 CEST 2013

I'm pretty certain now that the problem is me not performing the
requests in a sync manner.
I wrote a mock code, in which on receipt I insert all r/w requests to
a queue. A secondary thread simply polls in small intervals (50us) on
the queue, dequeues all pneding requests and writes data to RAM.
This is the most basic async setup possible, and it still doesn't pass
my file system benchmark successfully. I should note that when simply
performing the write to RAM and returning (without the extra queuing
phase) the benchmark is successful.

I see that there is bs_aio.c which does a very similar thing to what I
do, but using polling on a pipe. I'm not familiar with this method,
but it doesnt sound inherently different from what I do with threads
and mutexes.
So I wonder why the behavior changes so drastically between the two

I'd appreciate your help.
Thank you
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