[stgt] [PATCH] Add support for modular backends

Dan Mick dan.mick at inktank.com
Sat Sep 21 03:31:33 CEST 2013

On 09/20/2013 05:38 PM, Andy Grover wrote:
> On 09/20/2013 11:36 AM, Dan Mick wrote:
>>> The only question I have isn't about the modularization, but about the
>>> fancy new backstore that prompted it, and how to support it. Not that I
>>> expect much work will be needed, but Dan, are you or some other Ceph dev
>>> around if an issue with bs_rbd comes up? :)
>> Sure.  Maybe I should make sure there's a generic alias included
>> somewhere with contact info.
> That's great to hear! :) I'd say you could add your copyright and
> contact info to the file's header comment, if you wanted?

There was little enough in the code that changed from bs_rdwr.c that
I didn't bother with copyright, really, but at least http://ceph.com is 
in the README.rbd.  That might be enough to be a start.

>> I hope it's clear that we support this work, by the way; we plan on
>> making sure additional packages with bs_rbd.so are available to whoever
>> needs them, hopefully by petitioning the distros, but if not, building
>> them ourselves.
> Wow. Nice.
> BTW you meant additional *tgt* packages with bs_rbd.so, right? Because
> someone could uncharitably read what you said as saying you're going to
> distribute just bs_rbd.so separate from tgt, and that wouldn't be a good
> idea. I just wanted to restate that this change is intended to enable a
> separate binary subpackaging of bs_rbd.so only. The exports from tgtd
> are not a "stable API", and the only versions of tgt and bs_rbd.so
> guaranteed to work together are those built together.

Whatever works, sure.
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