[stgt] New to working with stgt

Steven Graf sgraf at resolutech.net
Thu Jan 23 01:52:23 CET 2014

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the list and I have recently just started working with the
stgt framework.  I've been grokking the code and the documentation, but
I'd appreciate any insight or advice you may be able to lend.  My
objective is to use the rbd backend, but have a user-space driver that
speaks native SCSI (block device).  I am looking at the existing
implementation that uses iSCSI, and I have that all working with my Ceph
back-end, but for performance reasons I'd like to eliminate the overhead
of the network (currently I have everything going over localhost, which
is good for a PoC, but insufficient for our big data tasks).

Steven Graf
Resolutech, LLC

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