[stgt] [PATCH] SMC: add a new volume_tag parameter to storage slots

FUJITA Tomonori fujita.tomonori at lab.ntt.co.jp
Mon Sep 15 14:00:09 CEST 2014

On Mon,  8 Sep 2014 21:19:49 -0700
Ronnie Sahlberg <ronniesahlberg at gmail.com> wrote:

> SMC barcodes in TGTD are limited to just 10 characters while T10
> VolumeTags for smc storage slots allow up to 32 bytes.
> Introduce a new argument when populating slots for specifying a volume tag
> of up to 32 characters. If no volume tag is specified we fallback to use the
> barcode as the volume tag.
> Leave the current barcode as is, limited to 10 characters to not break
> compatibility with scripts that might use SMC devices.
> Update the dvdjukebox example script to use volume tag. This allows us to
> hand a much more useful name back to the MTX tool than the barcode.
> (10 characters is pretty restrictive as an ASCII text string. The full
> ISO image file name is most likely much more meaningful to a human.)
> Update the tgtadm manpage and show the new volume_tag argument.
> Signed-off-by: Ronnie Sahlberg <ronniesahlberg at gmail.com>
> ---
>  doc/README.dvdjukebox |   29 ++++++-----------------------
>  doc/tgtadm.8.xml      |   17 ++++++++++++++---
>  usr/smc.c             |   25 +++++++++++++++++++------
>  usr/smc.h             |    5 ++++-
>  4 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)

Applied, thanks.
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