[wpkg-users] feature request: delayed installation

Andrew Z andrewz at springsrescuemission.org
Tue Dec 13 21:39:51 CET 2005


I am trying out wpkg, and I have a suggestion: on our network I would 
like users to be able to delay software installations.  Imagine a 
scenario where the software change is not critical, but the person may 
be in a hurry and unnecessarily inconvenienced by waiting.  Therefore, I 
propose extra options in packages such as these:

<package id="putty" name="putty" revision="1" priority="0" reboot="false">
<delay max_times="5" max_date="2005-12-31"> <!-- the new options are on 
this line only -->
<check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="PuTTY version 0.58" />
<install cmd='\\server\directory\putty-0.58-installer.exe /sp- /silent' />

With these options, the user would see a message such as this:

    The following changes should be made to your system:
        Install-Putty-May be delayed 5 more times until December 21, 2005
        Remove-AVG Antivirus-Required
    Some of these changes may be delayed.  Would you like to make all 
these changes now? yes/no

Also, it would be sufficient to implement just the max_date option and 
not also max_times. 


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