[wpkg-users] [wpkg] Feature requests and questions

Jens Geile jens.geile at mzbs.de
Mon Dec 5 13:44:03 CET 2005

> > 1. A field for the download URL where the installer can be downloaded from. Like for Sun Java or other free software that can be downloaded from the internet.
> The ability to install over HTTP as opposed to SMB would be a really
> great advantage
That too. But the idea was to have a similar script as the "prepare" script that comes with Unattended.

> > 2. Also it would be good if WPKG would check whether the installer is available (if it exists and can be accessed) and skip the entry if not. At the moment WPKG just says "D'oh" and stops the whole script.
> This is a minor issue. The administrator is supposed to test things...
> If anything, it would be a great idea to specify which errors are fatal, which are not.
True, it is a minor error but an annoying one if you only forgot to set the file permissions and just can't figure out why the hell it isn't working. ;)

> > 3. Multiple install commands. Handy to install multiple Firefox extensions with just one package entry.
> This is supported. Just add several <install> tags.

> > 3.b. Maybe even multiple checks so that if file A is already installed it skips the installation of file A but if B is not installed it will install B. -> Check and install IDs?
> Same thing, already supported
Really? How would an entry look like then?

My idea was to have something like this:

<check type="file" condition="exists" id="fileA" path="c:\folder\fileA.exe" />
<check type="file" condition="exists" id="fileB" path="c:\folder\fileB.exe" />
<check type="file" condition="exists" id="fileC" path="c:\folder\fileC.exe" />

<install id="fileA" cmd='Z:\packages\folder\fileA.exe /s'>
  <exit code="0" />
<install id="fileB" cmd='Z:\packages\folder\fileB.exe /s'>
  <exit code="0" />
<install id="fileC" cmd='Z:\packages\folder\fileC.exe /s'>
  <exit code="0" />

If the check condition for fileA is true it won't install fileA again but it will continue to check the other files and if for example fileB is already installed too but fileC is missing it will install fileC.

> > Does anyone know how to check whether a specific Firefox Extension is already installed?
> file checks should do it. But note that FF extensions are installed on a user basis, not machine.
I'm interested in initial setups and therefor the installation of global extensions. The problem is that stupid Firefox likes to create folders with random elements in the name which makes static file checks kind of impossible. We'd need wildcards for that i guess.


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