[wpkg-users] Perl Modules for backend management

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Wed Dec 7 09:09:00 CET 2005

Nicholas Young schrieb:
> In an attempt to write up some scripts to allow simple management of the
> various XML files, I think the easiest way, for me, is to use perl.
> At the moment the vague plan is
> WPKG.pm
>  -> WPKG::Hosts.pm
>  -> WPKG::Packages.pm
>  -> WPKG::Profiles.pm
> The client management code, ie cgi page will call WPKG.pm which will
> open the xml files using the other three modules. A skeleton of
> WPKG::Profiles is included below for a brief idea of what I am thinking.
> The client code will essentially run
> $wpkg = new WPKG("Directory");
> $wpkg->add_host("foobar", "custom");
> $wpkg->add_profile_package("custom", "msoffice");
> The modules then will do all the magic in ensuring that "msoffice"
> exists and that "custom" is a valid profile-id.
> Or direct addressing if required in:
> $wpkg->{packages}->{wpkg1}->{name} = "Windows Packager sample 1";
> The main aim is to make writing a web interface "easy" as it is all
> calls against perl modules which should strip requirements for worrying
> about concistency/XML formatting/...
> Any problems, suggestions before I go further with writing this?

there will be problems for sure when you first release it :))

but go ahead, I can certainly help at least in testing.


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