[wpkg-users] Integrating SP's

Troost S.Troost at student.TUDelft.NL
Thu Apr 20 11:59:22 CEST 2006

You could include the drivers in the install cd, just like sp4. That
would save you the trouble of doing it manually. Check google for how to
do that.

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I thought about that.  I did that with my OfficeXP install point.
I'd probably do it if I could come up with a simple way to install off 
of the network.  But since I run no windows servers this is a very 
large can of worms.  It's not like I'm doing many installs.  I may 
check it out again just to burn an install CD that stops fewer times.

No matter what I do there is a certain degree of problems:
These new laptops use broadcom ethernet chips, which is not supported 
on the win2k install disk, nor on SP4.  They are available on the 
vendor's web site.  Similarly with audio and video chipsets.  But they 
can be handled with wpkg.  The network driver has to be hand loaded 
from a USB flash drive.

Full unattended installs appear to be a real rats nest.  In my lab I 
use Drive Image.  Do one machine by hand, image it, and then clone to 
the rest.  This works because the hardware is nearly identical.  I 
don't care if they have the same SID, the only local account is the 
local administrator account.  And I've got a script that changes the 
computername to whatever the IP reverse maps to.

My reading of the completely unattended installs is that you have to 
have an answer file that is non-trivial to generate and debug;

Thanks for all your help.  I got 7 packages working this afternoon, 
one way or another:

IE6sp1 upgrade
Win2K SP4 upgrade
scripten install

Audio chipset support
Video chipset support
Intel general chipset support
Office XP install

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