[wpkg-users] Vista Beta 2 and WPKG

Paul Griffith paulg at cs.yorku.ca
Wed Jun 14 20:39:54 CEST 2006


I was able to download the 3.2GB DVD iso of Windows Vista Beta 2. I
was also able to install WPKG without any problems. The problem we all
will have is with User Account Control (also know as Limited User
Account LSU), as you know even the administrator account gets the
dreaded UAC popup. When I tried to install 7-zip via wpkg, I got the
error message "7-Zip requires elavation" :(

Here is what I did...

EnableLUA=1 <- I didn't change this
EnableInstallerDetection=0  <- but I did change this from 1 to 0

Now I don't get the "7-Zip requires elavation" pop-up, but I couldn't
install all the software at one time. For example in this test, I had
chosen to install the following:

OpenOffice v2.0.2

On the first install I got the 7-zip error
restart WPKG again to install Firefox and Openoffice
restart WPKG again to install Notepad++ and Putty
restart WPKG again to install Thunderbird.

I will try to disable UAC, uninstall all the software and reboot and
see what happens, I will post the results when I get a chance.


BTW: On a limited PC this Beta is dog slow. Limited PC is a
P3/933Mhz/256MB ram

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