[wpkg-users] Cleaning windows profile

Georg Lutz georg-list at georglutz.de
Mon Jun 26 11:32:21 CEST 2006

Although not directly related to wpkg, as admin you might find this small
script (aka quick'n dirty hack ;-)) useful.

In a roaming profile environment (and not only there) windows profiles
becomes larger and larger with time, because programs stores there
temporary/history files.

Things get worse when files are copied back and forth over the network at
every login/logout. And when a on access virus scanner is active this
slows down the hole process.

In most environments roaming profile size is limited to a specific size.
But even if you instruct users to not actively store anything in their
profile the size grows with time and users are confused when they get
error messages about their profile size.

You can find the cleaning script and more information at



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