[wpkg-users] cosmetic changes to 0.9.10.test2

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Sun Jun 25 19:58:37 CEST 2006

Falko Trojahn wrote:

>>> I'm sorry, but this patch didn't work here - don't know why?
>>> I applied it manually, made a new diff and re-send it for your
>> It's because of:
>> --- C:\Dokumente und...
>> +++ C:\Dokumente und...
>> on a non-windows machine (and patch utility couldn't find the right file) :)
> Don't think so, since "patch" asked for the file to patch, I put in
> "wpkg.js", and then "10 out of 10 hunks failed" ...
> But the "diff U3b ..." options seems strange to me, this gives an error
> here (diff: invalid context length `3b'
> diff: Try `diff --help' for more information.) so, who knows ... Or it's
> just the CRLF problem again.

Hmm, I just changed those two lines to match:

--- wpkg.js     Thu Jun 22 21:28:41 2006^
+++ wpkg.js     Fri Jun 23 23:46:55 2006^

And it patched just fine:

$ patch < 0.9.10.test2.patch
patching file wpkg.js

> Well, attached are two other patches - one for consolidation of
> variables, one for some dinfo-instead-of-if-debug lines.

Few more patches like that and we'll have all functionality in 10 only 
kB or so :)

> One remark: perhaps it would be better to set the default of the
> variable quitonerror to true in the distribution?

I'd say it's better if it doesn't quit if there is a non-fatal error.

 From experience, I know some might wonder why WPKG stopped working one 

I think a similar behaviour is in Linux package management systems like 
rpm (and whatever sits on top of them, like urpmi or yum etc.).

Or some arguments for making quitonerror default? :)

Tomasz Chmielewski

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