[wpkg-users] installing with user interaction

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Thu Mar 9 19:41:25 CET 2006

Matt Miller wrote:
> Is it possible to install software using WPKG when the installer 
> requires user interaction? The WPKG wiki claims to have examples of this 
> in the 'examples' section, which I cannot find...

It really says so? :)
Could you point me where exactly, it's not true, if it's in the wiki, it 
needs to be fixed.

> For example, I want to use WPKG to install iTunes and Quicktime. 
> However, the iTunes installer prompts you "To get started, click Next," 
>  accept the license, etc...
> Can this be done with WPKG? Maybe in tandem with AutoIT? I'd rather keep 
> it as simple as possible though.

Maybe with AutoIT, but in reality I doubt it.

Mostly programs have some "hidden" silent, command line options.
Sometimes it's just hard to know which one, as there is no standard here.

For Quicktime, you can find a silent installer in the wiki:


For iTunes, you'll have to search the web I guess.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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