[wpkg-users] new 0.9.6-test1 problems

Andre Ilie ai at photonic-sense.com
Mon Mar 13 15:41:14 CET 2006


	Has anyone tried the new 0.9.6-test1 wpkg? I just copied it into my 
WPKG directory and fired it up, i just get the same message all the time:

checking existence of package:OpenOffice.org 2.0 DE
Installation error while synchronizing package OpenOffice.org 2.0 DE, 
synchronization aborting.

'checkType' ist undefiniert

	Working with the old version works with no changes to my setup.

	Just wanted to try the new version as i have my own package-dependency 
patch which i am testing.

	Actually i don't like the new 'package-dependcy'-feature 
implementation, as it would be much easier to automate depency 
generation by using own tags for every dependency. e.g:

	<package .....>
		<depend package-id="[package-name]"/>
		<depend profile-id="[custom-profile]"/>
		<install... />
		<remove .../>
		<upgrade .../>

	This makes it possible to use dependencies analog to the profile 
depency feature and work without having to parse a comma separated 
depends= string. For me i am not writing the xml file by hand, so i 
don't want to add any special comma-seprated-string function to the xml 
file generation.

	I want to also have the package revision in my depencies, so this will 
be the next task to take (which is IMHO not possible with the 
comma-separeted feature).

	Despite this, i think its not nice that the reboot() function gets 
changed without notice in the release notes (espcially when it needs a 
new tool now, called psshutdown.exe). This should be mentioned 
somewhere. It's nice that the comment spelling has been fixed now, 
though its just not important and making diffs very hard to understand.


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