AW: Re: [wpkg-users] Can wpkg install software with base rights ?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at
Thu Mar 2 19:26:35 CET 2006

Tobias Richter wrote:
> hi,
> thank you Tomasz for your answer.
> Yeah - I mean logged on user, sometimes my english doen`t work... ;)
> i think your software is great - thanks a lot !
> i use unattended to install the pcs. it is a very nice system to get a
> windows and the software on a pc, but i doesn`t help you, when you have to
> upgrade or remove anything.
> you use unattended and wpkg. How do you make it ?
> are you install wpkg right after unattended and the rest of the
> installation is done by wpkg ? or do you install all your software by
> unatteded including wpkg, so after the complete unattended setup you can
> easily install,upgrade and remove software with wpkg ? And do you use the
> to install software ?
> i have a lot of software to install on every machine and sometimes the
> install scriptes are a bit tricky. now all my install scriptes use the
> and some of the other perl scriptes made by the
> team. do i have to / should i build this scripts new the "wpkg style" or
> can i just use the "old" scriptes with wpkg like "<install
> cmd='Z:\bin\ blabla.bat'> ? How do you make it ?

<install cmd='Z:\bin\ blabla.bat'> won't work, as the PC won't 
know what's Z:\ after Unattended installation is finished and the PC is 

It doesn't matter if you install software with Unattended or WPKG when 
you install the operating system + apps - use the method that's more 
convenient to you. I'd say Unattended is better during the first part, 
as you see what's going on.

You could also use WPKG during the Unattended part:

cscript \\..\..\wpkg.js /install:package1
cscript \\..\..\wpkg.js /install:package2


It's the later upgrade/new applications that make WPKG useful.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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