[wpkg-users] notify - enable disabled messenger service to start manually from the command line

David dpw27 at bigfoot.com
Sun Mar 12 23:21:00 CET 2006

Hi Frank & Paul,

> My preferred method is to have wpkg call "net start messenger" immediately 
> before sending the messages and "net stop messenger" immediately 
> afterwards. Not perfect (and doesn't work if messenger is disabled rather 
> than set to start manually) but it's a start.

Batch command SC from the resource kit will set the messenger service to 
start-up type manual.

SC config Messenger start= demand

(note the space after the equals sign)

SC.exe reports:
[SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS

Sc.exe - Service Controller Tool. This is tool is standard with XP 

For Windows 2000 it can be downloaded here:


"Sc.exe - Service Controller Tool
                 This tool provides a way to communicate with Service 
Controller (Services.exe) from the command prompt to retrieve and set 
information about services. Service Controller Tool is useful for testing 
and debugging your service programs. SC implements calls to all of the 
Windows 2000 service control functions. You can specify any function 
parameters through the command line. You can create batch files that call SC 
with various command lines to see how your service behaves with repeated 
starting and stopping."

Kind Regards,


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