[wpkg-users] Psshutdown / Hardcoded Link

Falko Trojahn ftrojahn at smi-softmark.de
Mon Mar 20 17:22:53 CET 2006

> I think, these things should be introduced a bit more customizable, e.g.
> as commandline switch:
> wpkg.js /shutdownmethod:"%0\..\wpkg\my-shutdown-command.whatever"
> If wpkg.js handles this itself it could be shortened to
>  wpkg.js /shutdownmethod:"wpkg\my-shutdown-command.whatever"
> but this is a bit less flexible.
> Without this switch the normal behaviour should be as in 0.9.5 of course.
> Other projects even do it this way:
> ... -r"myscript -option1 -option2" -r"myotherscript -option" ...
> Just my 2¢. If I have time on monday I'll send a patch.
I had no time, but here is the patch:

- without option /rebootcmd  
  -> normal behaviour

- with option /rebootcmd:special
  -> looks if it can find wpkg\psshutdown.exe and uses the loop from Frank

- with option   /rebootcmd:wpkg\myshutdown.bat 
   option   /rebootcmd:\\server\share\myshutdown.bat
  it uses this for reboot

Someone confused? Drop me a mail ...

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