[wpkg-users] Make Firefox the default browser?

Jean-Jacques Moulis jj at isy.liu.se
Tue May 2 19:06:23 CEST 2006

On Tue, 02 May 2006 08:44:04 -0500 Adam Williams <awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us> wrote:

AW> Jean-Jacques Moulis wrote:> On Mon, 01 May 2006 16:40:21 -0400 Matt Miller <mmiller at solutionsforprogress.com> wrote:
AW> >
AW> > <firefox stuff here>
AW> >   
AW> To use what you posted, in my packages.xml could I add a second install 
AW> cmd in my firefox section, or would I need to setup a 
AW> firefox_defaultbrowser in profiles.xml and create that in packages.xml?

Yes you can do that if you want firefox as default browser everytime it is installed.
it's not what I want hence the separate package definition.

I would prefer to put OB1 as the default browser but users prefer glitter :-)

OB1 http://offbyone.com/

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