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Falko Trojahn ftrojahn at smi-softmark.de
Thu May 4 22:08:00 CEST 2006


> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>>> Other problem, same direction: When uninstalling a package (e.g.
>>> firefox15) it would be nice to uninstall all dependend packages, too
>>> (e.g. all firefox extensions). Or is there another way to uninstall all
>>> packages from one profile at once - again par ex. if I have a program
>>> with a bunch of updates or extensions (office, firefox, ...) it would be
>>> nice to say "uninstall (profile-id: ...)" and all included packages go
>>> away ...
>> I guess so far we focused much more on installing things than on
>> uninstalling them...

Thanx for your advice, I'll create an empty default profile and try this.

Andre Ilie wrote:
>     It should be pretty easy to implement as you can use something like
> the appendDependencies() function. IMHO we should add an attribute to
> the package entry to indicate wether to allow recursive uninstalling or
> not (in case several packages have the same dependency). A command line
> arguments for /remove: or /install: can be also useful.
>     We really need this feature for a complete dependency handling in wpkg.
>     Just my $0.02.

I think a big move in the right direction would be to respect the
priority in reverse order when uninstalling (what is installed first
with higher priority should be uninstalled last - after that with lower

And another thought: when the installation of a package fails, all
dependend packages shouldn't be tried, but other non-depended  packages
- this helps e.g. in the following scenario: I have stations with
different office packages installed - so I make one dummy package for
O2K and another for O2K3 to test which version is there, and the updates
depending from that packages are installed then. At the moment, wpkg
stops at the first failing package (I know there has been a patch on the
list to make it trying further after first stop) and I have to assign
different profiles to each host according to the installed office
version, which of course can be annoying with lot's of stations.


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