[wpkg-users] sophos automate rollout

Jean-Jacques Moulis jj at isy.liu.se
Wed Nov 15 10:01:43 CET 2006

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 12:22:13 -0700 Totoy Mola <totoymola12 at hotmail.com> wrote:

TM> Hey guys, I need help installing Sophos 6. I wanted to do unattended install 
TM> the Sophos 6, but I don't know how to automate the installation because it 
TM> needs a user input on server name. Could I include this in my script - 

This is what I'm using for 5.2.7. (for machines updating via a share)
No Need to specify the server, clients update from the share they were installed from.
It should work for version 6, I'll check that

        <package id="sophos" name="Sophos" revision="1" reboot="false" priority="90">
                <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="Sophos AutoUpdate" />
                <install cmd='\\Server\InterChk\ESXP\Setup.exe -mng no'>
                        <exit code="0" />
                <remove cmd='msiexec /qn /x {C12953C2-4F15-4A6C-91BC-511B96AE2775}' />
                <remove cmd='msiexec /qn /x {09C6BF52-6DBA-4A97-9939-B6C24E4738BF}' />

For machines updating via http I made a "no questions asked" installer.
I don't remember the recipe right now.
I'll try to remember harder as I too need to make a new one for version 6.


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