[wpkg-users] Importing Certificate in a batch

Alexandros Gougousoudis gougousoudis at kh-berlin.de
Fri Nov 24 11:33:44 CET 2006

Hi Marco,

Marco Gaiarin schrieb:
> Ouch! Thanks for this hint! Now i can deploy the (fake) internal RootCA
> with WPKG!!! ;-)))

Yes, for that purpose it should work!

> client, and instruct the client to execute/load/...
> \\server\wpkg\whatever\%COMPUTERNAME% ?

Won't work, because the user need adminrights to import a computer-cert 
(not a user-cert, which is easier). Anyway Windows very often imports 
the cert into the wrong place, if the cert is only doubleclicked in the 
explorer and windows will determine where it should belong.

An importprogram is needed which can be called by an adminuser (i.e. 
wpkg) per batch and import a specific cert-file to a specific container 
in windows. Can't find that tool in SDK or winternals.com. I learned a 
lot with winstallLE so maybe I can write that myself and promote it here.


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