[wpkg-users] settings folders problem:

Sherwood Botsford sbotsford at sjsa.ab.ca
Wed Sep 13 22:02:13 CEST 2006

Thanks Tomasz
	One of the best things about this system is your prompt 
attention to fumble fingered idiots like myself.

	Adding the nearly empty <foo></foo> files worked like a charm.
	Another thing to point out, probably obvious to most, but it 
delayed me for 20 minutes:  The individual package files still need

If they are not present wpkg silently ignores the file.

As a ToDo item:  Could wpkg emit an error when it finds something 
out of place in parsing files:  E.g:
"<package> tag found outside of <packages> context in file 
packages/foo.xml, line 20"

> Where did you read that you can set these profiles with variables? 
> Perhaps the documentation should be corrected.

Sigh.  I didn't.  It was one of those things I tried when I ran 
out of other things to try.

The other variables in the script set things that are used for 
individual installers/uninstallers.  E.g: PROGRAMFILES is used as 
  part of the search path for the Tbird uninstaller.

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