[wpkg-users] Chaining Hotfixes ? Is it possible?

Adam Peart wpk at capprogramming.com
Thu Sep 14 05:59:48 CEST 2006

Jared Ring wrote:
> I've been looking through the wiki and searching the mailling list and 
> couldnt find an answer to this particular scenario.
> Modern MS hotfixes can be chained (like the old qchain tool) 
> automatically. What would be the best way to get this sort of behaviour 
> out of wpkg?
> Its my understanding that if I were to create a package for each hotfix 
> and check the errorcode and set reboot=true if needed this woudl cause a 
> reboot for each hotfix. Which could result in multiple reboots on the 
> client unnecessarily. Is that correct in my understanding?
Almost all of the patches can be rebooted once after all the hotfixes 
are installed, except for ones that depend on a bigger updated being 
installed first.  Foe example SP2 for XP or SP4 for 2k has to be 
installed, then rebooted for any hotfixes relying on those versions to 
work, otherwise you'll get errors saying SP2 hasn't been detected, pleas 
install first.
> Another alternative was to create one package for all hotfixes, ie, 
> package-id="Hotfixes-200609" for this months patch batch and set that to 
> reboot on completion.
> What are other wpkg users doing? I'm getting ready to use wpkg in our 
> windows desktop/bsd server environment and am really looking forward to 
> the end of sneakernet patch/software installation :)
I was using the Unatteded package to install Windows updates, till I 
found out about Autopatcher.  Now I use Unattended to pre-install witch 
version of Windows I want installed, Autopatcher for the Windows 
updates, then WPKG to install all the apps.

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