[wpkg-users] Chaining Hotfixes ? Is it possible?

Adam Peart wpk at capprogramming.com
Thu Sep 14 07:02:03 CEST 2006

<package id="autopat_xp" name="AutoPatcher XP August" revision="806" 
priority="9" reboot="true">
    <check type="file" condition="exists" 
path="%ProgramFiles%\AutoPatcher\AutoPatcher.exe" />
cmd='%z%\packages\autopatcher\AutoPatcher_XP_Aug06_ENU_Full.exe /S' />
    <install cmd='%ProgramFiles%\AutoPatcher\AutoPatcher.exe /noeula 
/unattend /noreboot /NCRC /defaults:%z%\packages\autopatcher\ce.ini' />
cmd='%z%\packages\autopatcher\AutoPatcher_XP_Aug06_ENU_Full.exe /S' />
    <upgrade cmd='%ProgramFiles%\AutoPatcher\AutoPatcher.exe /noeula 
/unattend /noreboot /NCRC /defaults:%z%\packages\autopatcher\ce.ini' />

I haven't got the checker part fully working yet. 

For full command line parameters, goto here.

Jared Ring wrote:
> You're running Autopatcher from wpkg? Can autopatcher be scripted/silented?
> Adam Peart wrote:
>> With Autopatcher it only reboots the computer after all the updates are 
>> installed, if you tell it to.  What I've just started doing, and I'm 
>> still playing around to get it working properly, is to use Unattened on 
>> new machines, as well as Autopatcher and WPKG, but in non reformatted 
>> computers I use WPKG, which then calls autopatcher from there.
>> Jared Ring wrote:
>>> Adam
>>> Been reading about unattended, looks great for heterogeneous 
>>> environments. And may even look at that in the future. but right now are 
>>> hardware is so similar that g4u + sysprep and a few driver files works fine.
>>> autopatcher is great and i use it to take xpsp2 upto whatever i ahve 
>>> (currently Aug2006) but now i'm concerned with what happens _after_. 
>>> Sep2006 has 3 updates, 2 required a reboot.
>>> My problem isnt in getting the initial machines deployed, but 
>>> maintaining them with future patches.
>>> Thanks for your advice re: unattended, it looks to be another tool to 
>>> play with.
>>> Adam Peart wrote:
>>>> Jared Ring wrote:
>>>>> I've been looking through the wiki and searching the mailling list and 
>>>>> couldnt find an answer to this particular scenario.
>>>>> Modern MS hotfixes can be chained (like the old qchain tool) 
>>>>> automatically. What would be the best way to get this sort of behaviour 
>>>>> out of wpkg?
>>>>> Its my understanding that if I were to create a package for each hotfix 
>>>>> and check the errorcode and set reboot=true if needed this woudl cause a 
>>>>> reboot for each hotfix. Which could result in multiple reboots on the 
>>>>> client unnecessarily. Is that correct in my understanding?
>>>> Almost all of the patches can be rebooted once after all the hotfixes 
>>>> are installed, except for ones that depend on a bigger updated being 
>>>> installed first.  Foe example SP2 for XP or SP4 for 2k has to be 
>>>> installed, then rebooted for any hotfixes relying on those versions to 
>>>> work, otherwise you'll get errors saying SP2 hasn't been detected, pleas 
>>>> install first.
>>>>> Another alternative was to create one package for all hotfixes, ie, 
>>>>> package-id="Hotfixes-200609" for this months patch batch and set that to 
>>>>> reboot on completion.
>>>>> What are other wpkg users doing? I'm getting ready to use wpkg in our 
>>>>> windows desktop/bsd server environment and am really looking forward to 
>>>>> the end of sneakernet patch/software installation :)
>>>> I was using the Unatteded package to install Windows updates, till I 
>>>> found out about Autopatcher.  Now I use Unattended to pre-install witch 
>>>> version of Windows I want installed, Autopatcher for the Windows 
>>>> updates, then WPKG to install all the apps.

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