[wpkg-users] WPKG Installer

Daniel Delattre delattre at engmail.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Sep 21 21:48:04 CEST 2006

In reply to your question, I have a few possible ideas that I would like to
toss around. I have no idea if these are feasible in windows.
> Anyway, I feel I'm willing to extend the installer a bit:
> - allow more variables
> - allow pre and post commands
> Any ideas what it still lacks?

The way windows installs software through Group Policy is usually done with
an asynchronous policy refresh that sets a flag to install software in
synchronous mode at next reboot. The user then has to wait until all
software is installed.

I have not yet tested wpkg enough to see what all works; however the service
at startup invokes the jscript, which in turn starts installing software.
The user can still logon and keep working, which I think in one way is a
good thing. However a lot of times a cscript windows pops up, or an
installer window pops up, etc. What happens if the user clicks on a program
that is being upgraded?

Is there a way to prevent the user from login on during the installation
process? Is there a way to "stage" the install process, so it happens during
the night for instance?

I still need to learn a lot about wpkg, so I'm sorry if I ask questions with
obvious answers.

Thank you.

Daniel Delattre
University of Waterloo

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